The First Low Cost Chain Stores


The well-known actor, director and well known author of the best-selling book Eric Schifferis also the CEO of the 99 cents Only Stores which is one of the popular and profitable companies of the world. Eric joined the 99 cents Only Stores in the year1991 in order to make a move with his career in the retail industry. The 99 cents Only Stores was the United States’ bargain companies and aims to help the people to save money while buying the household products. The people can get their daily use products in less than a dollar in 99 cents Only Stores and this makes sense for most of the people. The owner of the 99 cents Only Stores David Gold understood the financial condition of most of the people in US and in order to help them he founded this store in the year 1982. Eric Schiffer who was a great leader in business management was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of 99 cents Only Stores. With the managerial skill Eric worked for making the company one of the top rated companies in the world and in the retail industry.
After Eric Schifferjoined the 99 cents Only Stores the company became incredibly successful and apart from Southern California the company also had branches in other parts of US. The company became one of the celebrated companies and this is because of Eric’s dedication and hard work and off course his skills as well as experience.
Business Techniques of Eric Schiffer (99 Cents Only Stores)
Eric Schiffer was chosen as the CEO because of his experience in different fields and his self-confidence for making impossible things into possible. Every individual business owners started following the techniques of Eric in order to become successful in life just like Eric Schiffer. His book Emotionally Charged Learning includes all his techniques and this is the reason it became the best-selling books. Eric has started his career in a young age so he has gone through ups and downs of life which made him successful Eric Schiffer.
Eric Schiffer (99 Cents Only Stores) – Personal Biography
Eric Schiffer is well known for his experience in different field. Eric is a great person in real life and he always tries helping the people. From the Harvard Business School Eric did his graduation. He worked for many companies like 99 cents Only Stores, Oxford Partners and more to gain more knowledge on business management.






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When Buying a Mattress

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What the Bed Offers

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Eric Schiffer – A Multi-Talented Personality


Eric Schiffer is a well-known author and a recognized leader. He started a company on educational multimedia software application, which was launched, by IBM, Crown Zellerbach and Intel. The book written by Eric Schiffer“emotionally charged learning” is controversially the most popular book of interesting business management. This book tells the useful management thinking and a new approach to the management. Some areas of the book like the learning styles and emotional management are very important for them who want to expertise in it. He used some interesting phenomenon in the book which makes interest of the readers and that`s is why his book is creating curiosity among the international readers. Within the highly revealing and compelling pages of the book, there is scientifically new insight for the educators and the people of management. This book confronts the preconceived notions and provides a new way that how to advance learning challenges and teaches emotional intelligence.
You can imagine his intelligence by the fact that he had launched a business venture at the age of 13. At the age of 14, he launched a software company, which was based on education of molecular fusion to college students. For this, he won many awards from recognized companies like Intel and IBM. After that, Eric focused on Software Company for forensic medicine that consists of 30,000 physicians. This was a huge success for him. Besides this he founded and sold many companies. This shows how talented he was. Currently he is leading patriarch which is a leading private equity company.
Eric spends lot of his time in big projects, which takes time from 5 to 6 years. Then he writes his findings in the books and translates in speeches. He uses his ideas to implement in the world with the help of executives, which he found with his research.